Useful websites related to Paternity Testing

easyDNA offers its DNA testing services in a various languages and through a number of offices spread all over the world.

Specific and detailed DNA testing information websites

Website providing clear and concise information about prenatal DNA paternity testing for individuals considering doing this type of test
Website dedicated to explaining all aspects of a paternity test, including how the test is performed, what does the analysis of the genetic markers mean and what the DNA test result says.
Obtain a paternity test in Ireland. Obtain more information about the various aspects of this test and how to go about ordering a testing from any city including Dublin, Cork and Kilkenny.
If you require any additional service contact easydna on any of its international websites.

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The following articles provide interesting reading on the use of various non-standard samples in DNA testing.
Article 1 : Submitting Non-standard samples Part 1
Article 2 : Submitting Non-standard samples Part 2
Article 3 : DNA testing in case of a deceased father
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