At easyDNA we receive a large number of queries for paternity testing through samples other than the buccal swabs, which have now become the standard tool for collecting the samples for DNA testing. For example, one of the most common requests is for the hair DNA test which involves obtaining a DNA profile a hair sample. This service is also sometimes referred to forensic DNA testing or discreet sample testing.

Based on our experience, we have therefore prepared this site to provide clear and comprehensive information for individuals currently considering performing a DNA Paternity test through non-standard samples. The information looks at each sample in detail, how to collect and send the samples as well as what are the chances of obtaining DNA from it. We have also looked into specific samples such as the pros and cons of blood as a means for a blood DNA test vs normal standard swabbing.

Buccal swabs are relatively easy to use, pain-free, and can be easily sent by post in the home DNA paternity kit normally sent out to clients. Hence they provide an excellent medium to obtain DNA from an individual. However, occasions arise when it is not possible to obtain the sample directly from the individual, as for example in the case of a dead or missing person. In such cases samples such as hair, blood, semen, cigarettes, toothbrush etc can be used.

Of course, one of the major use of such testing is in the field of criminal DNA Forensics testing, where scene of the crime samples are collected to be processed for DNA to be matched to the DNA of any suspects. In such cases it is possible to analyse the samples obtained to match the profile to that of a known suspect hence confirming their presence at the crime scene.

We suggest that you read through the website to obtain information about using hair DNA testing and other non-standard samples for the purpose of paternity testing or other DNA tests.